All the hardware I want to get rid of. Shipping is mostly going to be limited to the UK and EU due to costs.

There are no prices on anything so just send me an offer at: buildzoid+junkyard@gmail.com

4x4GB Geil DDR4-3400 16-18-18-36 1.35V Samsung D-die [20GBP per stick]
Doesn't work on most X99 mobos especially not when using Haswell-e. On compatible mobos like the MSI X99A Xpower Titanium it runs 3400 13-18-18-28-1T on around 1.9V. XMP works on Z270 and does 3600 14-19-19-28-1T on ~1.95V. 3733 might also be possible but the on Z270N-wifi I tested with wasn't capable of more than 3600.


  1. 4790k im interested but in new zealand would do you do dhl shipping for a price?